New Dropbox Style Cloud Service I Am Trying – Sync


I have been looking for a more flexible and better priced service than Dropbox for a while. I think I have found it. It is called Sync. They give you 5GB of free cloud storage, which I am currently testing (and if you USE THIS LINK I think you will get an extra GB, so 6GB in total, and I will get 1GB for referring you – )

The paid service gives you 500GB for $49 a year and 2TB for $98 a year, which is very competitive and will allow me to store virtually all of my data, including all of my images on the service.

You can place the app on all of your devices, desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones. This allows you to access your files anywhere. On desktops and laptops the files are also stored on the computer so you don’t need to have internet access to work on the files. On tablets and smartphones the files are stored on the cloud to save space on your device or you can keep a local copy.

The great thing is, as you work on a file or add a file on any device it is automatically available on all devices. As I am on the road so much it is great being able to work on my files the laptop knowing when I get home the same files will be there up to date on my desktop. No manually copying files backwards and forwards between devices trying to keep things synchronised. What you see is simply a folder on your device called ‘Sync’ You place inside it all the folders and files you want to se across your devices and they will automatically be shared and kept up to date. It really is super simple.

You can also share folders or files with others – emailing them download links, which is ideal for sending large files which are too big to email. (For me, I anticipate this is going to save me my annual subscription to We Transfer, which costs me about the same as the 2TB service on Sync – giving me masses more space and a LOT more functionality).

For people who collaborate on files and folders, this is also possible too, so ideal for team working.

On the security side it is nice to know that Sync cannot see or access your files. They are stored securely, encrypted to a very high level and no one can see them but you or anyone you share specific files or folders with.

I would recommend you at least use the 5GB of free space for some cloud storage and back up of your most important files, especially those you might need when away from home etc. There is no need to pay for extra space unless you decide the service is really useful to you and you want to extend it. If you want to try it, PLEASE USE THIS LINK and get an extra 1GB of free space on top of the standard 5GB


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