Environmental Policy

Although we are a very small organisation we endeavour to minimise the environmental Impact of our activities in any ways we can. 

In our business planning we will always consider the environmental effects of our activities and actively look for and use where economically viable any methods to reduce our negative impact on the environment and to ensure we operate as efficiently as possible.

We will minimise waste wherever possible and actively pursue opportunities to recycle. We have installed solar panels here at our base and are now actively planning a move to an all electric vehicle for our personal and business use. We have installed water collection facilities and use the water wherever possible in place of mains supplied water. Our landscaping has been planned and installed with wildlife in mind, including installing a wildlife pond, bird nesting boxes, insect boxes, hedgehog boxes and planting designed for insects and bird life. We have a wide range of bird feeders which remain stocked.

We are working hard to be carbon neutral and as part of this contribute to the charity Solar Aid to offset our carbon usage annually (in conjunction with our sister business, Bailey Chinnery) and to help them in their excellent work.

Where we can find economically viable opportunities to make a positive contribution to improving the environment we will take them. We will also support organisations with these goals where possible.

We will source all products and services wherever possible through companies and organisations which share our environmental aims and policies. When products come to the end of their useful life for us, we look to pass them on to others for continued use wherever possible (including local charities) rather than sending to landfill. We also have full recycling facilities to recycle as much as is possible.

We will meet or exceed all environmental legislation that relates to our business.

Doug Chinnery
Reviewed 26.05.21

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