Thanks for a very inspiring course, my photographic eyes have been opened.  

The best testament I have to my teaching is the words of some of my students which I copy for you below, to help you see how some of my customers have felt after spending time with me. Whether you choose to learn with me or not, my wish is that you continue to get great joy from your camera and the time you spend in the landscape that we all love.

"I learn so much with Doug. He is very approachable in the field if you feel a bit unsure or need things checking. He's a natural teacher and explains things slowly and in a structured way."
"I would like to say I really enjoyed the course - a big thank you. It was a really valuable and unforgettable experience. Your huge knowledge and experience helped to make it a real success."
"I really enjoyed the workshop and thank you for your patience in explaining things and your help generally. I appreciated it very much."
"I wanted to thank you for a fabulous workshop. Having been on many workshops, I can say this was tops. You are a skillful leader, diplomatic, knowledgable and a delightful sense of humor. AND, you seem to have a bit of photography knowledge, to boot. Thank you for being so generous!"
"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the workshop. I really like your way of teaching; you made everything easy to understand."
"Thanks again for the great week you arranged for us and all your help, good company, your teaching and the wonderful inspiration you provided."
"I wanted to thank you again for all of the work you put into our Cairngorms experience. To say it was a magical week is not an overstatement. Despite dealing with the many logistics, you found time to give each of us your individual attention; it was greatly appreciated. You are a patient man!"
"I missed the opportunity at the airport to thank you very very much for a wonderful tour on the Outer Hebrides. I enjoyed every minute of it, learned a lot and was very pleased how you organized it all."
"Doug is a first class teacher. He knows his stuff and has the ability to impart knowledge in an interesting and informative way. I would thoroughly recommend this leader to any photographer. He put the needs of the client before everything else. A great three days."
"Many thanks to Doug for a very enjoyable and informative course. He explained things so clearly and all his advice is consolidated in PDF notes and video of the course so that we can recap at leisure. He has extensive knowledge of the area and took us to some great locations"
"Doug is an excellent teacher who explains things in a logical way that is easy to follow and understand. In the field he is there for support and spends time with each client looking at their images and offering advice. His classroom session was so useful giving us the tools to go away and work on our photographs with confidence."
"Doug was an excellent leader and could not do enough for us. He gave a lot of help where it was needed and encouragement when no advice on technique was required. I also picked up a lot of useful tips from his Lightroom tutorial on the final morning. Doug was easy to get on with and has a good sense of humour. I would certainly be very happy to go on other tours with him in charge."
"First, and most important, I wanted to thank you for the long exposure workshop in Brighton this week and to say how much I enjoyed it. Apart from the fact that you are an excellent teacher and I learnt a lot, your enthusiasm and passion for photography is also very evident and infectious. I thought that the workshop was very well planned and structured and the choice of venues was excellent"
"Many thanks for yesterday. An excellent day which flew by. I can't articulate why but when in your company my creative soars. A unique gift you have."
"I just wanted to thank you for such a brilliant much info and given so generously. You're a very thorough and clear teacher ( as a teacher myself I know what to look for!) Endlessly patient and conscientious. I'm buzzing with information and can't wait to start putting it into practice."
"I have been following your blog etc. for a while now but nothing prepared me for the inspiration you gave me last night; I have been buzzing with excitement since I woke at 4am! You spoke to me on so many levels that left ideas bouncing around my brain box like Flubber on speed ! I am determined to try to get them all together as a more cohesive whole, as you have already achieved. Thank you so much for giving me such motivation."

I would just like to say what an exceptional day I found it- I find a day with you so rewarding, every workshop I do with you lifts my photography to the next level - I don't think I would get there on my own - thank you again.