Images of Elsewhere

by Elsinors rocks a shadow lies  
from dark eyes woven, futile and tangled 
under glowlamps impailed 
the minds darkness, shy of brightness 
vast, candescent 
wandering through shadows to shiver in violet 
shrieking silent laments 
crying absolution into the sour sea air 
to tell, yet scarcely hear 
those brooding sacrements 
each his remembered song 
untelling the last secrets 
to those who barely hear 
of some goad of the flesh 
darkening the rages of the soul, done to death 
beneath the bowl of bitter waters 
sunk deep in the brimstone 
raining grey and old through mist
wreathed in melancholy 
and to falter once more into dawns desperate embrace 
for faraway is close at hand in images of elsewhere. 

DSC 10.23

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