Learning one-to-one is one of the best ways to accelerate our personal growth in the areas where we feel we most need to progress. The instruction is tailored to your exact needs and is delivered at your pace and in a style which suits you. One-to-ones also suit those who prefer not to learn in a group workshop setting.

To quote a recent student of mine;

“Just a quick note to say a big thank you for yesterday. It was absolutely fantastic as I learnt & enjoyed it so much”

Greg, Rugby

With personalised tuition I work closely with you to identify exactly what areas you want to progress. I am looking to work with photographers who are keen to learn and develop skills in expressionistic photography, such as multiple exposure and intentional camera movement, along with developing your creative thinking.

I work at your pace and target the training at your level, whether you are just getting started with these techniques, right through to those who want to take the skills to a higher level.

I also can help with processing these images in Lightroom and Photoshop, as well as the skills required to make beautiful prints. Sessions are conducted online over Zoom and can run from 30 minutes to a couple of hours.

I also feel a review of your portfolio is an essential part of making progress as a creative artist and much can be learned from a discussion of your work.  

My fees are not based on what I feel I am worth. Far from it. Rather, they reflect how little free time I have these days to pursue my own creative endeavours and how much I value time with my family. If cost is an issue, I highly recommend joining me on a group workshop or one of our online courses. Full details HERE. My lack of time is also the reason I no longer offer 121’s in the field. All sessions are now held online over Zoom which allows me to work with clients world-wide.

Online 121’s held via Zoom (with sessions recorded and available as a download) – £175 per hour.

Subscribers to our creative photography app qualify for a discount to £150 an hour. Please advise me at the time of booking that you are a subscriber to enjoy the discount.

Please note, I am not available for bookings at weekends.

revised 15.11.22

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