Learning one-to-one is one of the best ways to accelerate our personal growth in the areas where we feel we most need to progress. The instruction is tailored to your exact needs and is delivered at your pace and in a style which suits you. One-to-ones also suit those who prefer not to learn in a group workshop setting.

To quote a recent student of mine;

Just a quick note to say a big thank you for yesterday. It was absolutely fantastic as I learnt & enjoyed it so much. The icing on the cake was the brilliant prints that you did me for me

Greg, Rugby

With personalised tuition I work closely with you to identify exactly what areas you want to progress. I am looking to work with photographers who are keen to learn and develop skills in alternate techniques, such as multiple exposure and intentional camera movement rather than more conventional camera techniques. If you are looking for help with working on tripods, shooting in the golden hours, hyperfocal focusing and classic landscapes etc I am probably not the person to hire to help you.

We work at a location of your choice, from a day to several days – again, the choice is yours.

I work at your pace and target the training at your level, whether you are just getting started with these more ‘creative’ techniques right through to those who want to take the skills to a higher level. I also can help with processing these images in Lightroom and Photoshop, as well as the skills required to make beautiful prints. You choose the locations and the skills you want to learn or develop – it really is your time.

I also feel a review of your portfolio is an essential part of the day and much can be learned from a discussion of your work from prints you bring or on an iPad (if you don’t have one, you can email me jpegs in advance and I will load them onto mine). Don’t expect this just to be a ‘pat on the back’ session – although I will be fulsome in my praise of all the good work you have done. I will also be most keen to provide positive, encouraging advice and direction on how you can improve to help you move forwards on your own creative path.

My fees are not based on what I feel I am worth. Rather, they reflect how little free time I have and how much I value this time with my family. If cost is an issue, I recommend joining me on a group workshop or one of our online courses. Full details HERE.

The following prices are based on providing tuition within an hour of my home in North Nottinghamshire. If you wish me to travel further I calculate my expenses at £130 per hour for each extra hour (and pro rata on part hours) travelling time each way as a contribution to my time, fuel and other expenses and will fix this amount firmly for you on booking once I know the location. (So 1 hours travelling each way is included in my day rate, I charge for the travelling time over and above this each way – so, for example, if I have to travel for three hours each way, six hours in total, I will charge for four hours travelling at £130 per hour = £520 over and above my day rate). If I require an overnight stay and evening meal in a hotel/B&B these will be charged at £120 per night.

Full Day (Week Day) for one person (about 8 hours tuition) – £1200


Full Day (Saturday) for one person (about 8 hours tuition) – £1400

Please note, I am not available for bookings on Sundays.

If you book me for a full days tuition, I pay for all meals and refreshments included in the fee. Multi-day bespoke trips are quoted individually. 

revised 23.09.21

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