I am featured in a new Craft & Vision eBook

I am very pleased and honoured to say I have been featured in the new Craft & Vision eBook by Andrew S. Gibson entitled “Slow”

The 64 spread book, which is beautifully illustrated with the authors images (as well as mine) is focused on the creative techniques and results that can be had from taking control of your shutter speed and slowing it right down. Andrew is a great writer and very clearly shows exactly how to do this in different ways to achieve different effects and styles of image.

I am featured over several pages as a case study, using my ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) and blur techniques. I wrote an in-depth set of instructions on how I create these images and how you can use them to develop your own ICM styles. Its a great way to make images which express your own style. I also love the way it helps me break free from conventional image making – it releases the artist within.

Another great reason to get the book is that the second case study is the very talented Joel Tjintjelaar. He has developed a reputation for particularly fine long exposure black and white images, using long exposures in a totally different way to my ICM techniques. His images are refined, precise and very contemporary. So much so, he has been used by BMW in some of their car advertisements. In his case study, he shows how he achieves the look and style of his images which makes for fascinating reading.

David du Chemin, the great photographer behind the Craft & Vision brand, says this in his blog on the new book;

“SLOW is 64 spreads of teaching and inspiration on the techniques and aesthetics of using a slow shutter, including panning and intentional camera movements, long exposures, related equipment, and issues of exposure. He’s included a couple case studies from photographers Doug Chinnery and Joel Tjintjelaar, to compliment his own work, and created an excellent primer on the subject. I’m as excited as I am about this one because I’m using so much intentional camera movement in my own work, as I explore impressionism, and it’s resulted in new ideas and projects I’d have never pursued if I hadn’t started thinking laterally about exposure.”

The book, which is a great addition to the Craft & Vision line up, is only $5 and I really recommend treating yourself to a copy. If you use this link – Click here to visit Craft And Vision. I will get a small referral fee but you will pay no extra. If you do decide to buy a copy, I would like to thank you for supporting me in my work, it really does make a difference to me. I am sure you will find the book very instructive and interesting, I did. They are downloaded as pdf’s and can be copied to your iPad to carry with you, printed out or viewed on your computer.

You can also buy the other Craft and Vision eBooks (as I do, myself) from here – Click here to visit Craft And Vision. I have collected many of them and will be reviewing some soon. If you like mono photography, for example, the books on working in black and white and making black and white conversions are the best I have read anywhere.

"Slow" - The new eBook by Andrew S. Gibson, featuring me as a case study