‘april, may, june and then july’ by Roj Whitelock


I was felt very privileged some months ago when approached by photographer Roj Whitlock to write a foreword for his photo-essay entitled ‘april, may, june and then july’.

I had seen the images and Roj’s moving writing for the project some months earlier, following the death of his father to cancer, Cyril Henry Whitelock, who lived to be 101 years old. Roa had used walks with his camera in local woodlands as an escape, a diversion, as therapy, as solace during the last months of his fathers life. The images reflect the rollercoaster of emotions and feelings of such a time, which any of us who have supported a friend or loved one through cancer (whatever the outcome) will know all too well. His words add a deep poignancy to the photographs.

Now, Roj, in association with the charity Cancer Research UK, has released his work, both to memorialise his father and to raise some money for a charity which has done and continues to do so much for cancer suffers, survivors as well as in support of hose searching for treatments and cures.

None of us will go through life without either having someone very close to us experience cancer, or without experiencing it ourselves. I feel supporting organisations like Cancer Research UK and individuals like Roj who are raising funds to support such charities is something good for us all to do if we are able, in whatever way we can.

I know you will find the images and the account in Roj’s work both moving and inspiring. If you would like to own a copy and support Cancer Research Uk at the same time, please go to Roj’s website HERE where you can download a copy. Thank you.