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  • How many people will be on a workshop? Answer – I limit my own one day group workshops to 6 or (very rarely, 8 people). My aim is to give all my customers plenty of individual attention.
  • How can I pay? Answer – You can pay by any of three ways. 1. By BACs (Internet banking) which is my preferred method. 2. By PayPal, which is fine but PayPal do take a percentage of what you pay me as a fee. On multi-day workshops where I provide hotels and transport, if you want to pay by PayPal I am afraid I have to pass on the 3.5% PayPal fee to you. This is because over the year it mounts up to a lot of money and would affect what I have to charge all of my clients. I have decided the fairest way is to apply a surcharge to those using the convenience of PayPal. There is no surcharge if you use BACs (internet banking or cheque) 3. By cheque. 4. If you wish to pay by interest free monthly instalments to spread the cost we can organise this for you (although if you want to make these payments by PayPal we will have to add 3.5%, sorry). Please just email us to request it.
  • What happens if the weather is bad? Answer – Sadly, I can’t control the weather. I do much of my personal work in weather which most people describe as ‘bad’ and make my best images then. So, expect to continue working if we get some rain, wind etc and I will show you my techniques for dealing with these conditions. However, if the weather gets just too bad to work it is often only temporary so we can usually retire to a cafe or pub for a break. This gives a chance to talk about composition, technique, Photoshop, Lightroom etc and I often have my laptop with me to run demonstrations of computer skills until the weather improves. For details on what happens if we know in advance of the day that the weather is going to be really bad take a look at my terms and conditions by clicking HERE as the details are all there for this situation.
  • Do you take your own photo’s on workshops? Answer – generally, no. On most workshops, especially one day workshops, I do not use my own camera at all. I devote my full attention and time to the clients. The exceptions may be 1. If the light does something REALLY spectacular and then I would only shoot with the clients permission. 2. If the group size is very small due to low bookings and all the clients have had lots of help and are happy for me to make a few images while they are shooting. During this time they still come first and I will never put my own image making ahead of helping my clients. 3. Sometimes clients actually ask to watch me work to learn from how I set up my kit, how I approach composition and so on. 4. On longer tours spread over days, clients rarely want me to hover around them all the time. They are usually happy for me to make my own images then, as long as I am happy to jump in and help them when they need it (and I always am). Rest assured, the customer comes first.
  • How long have you been running workshops? Answer – I have been running photography workshops for almost ten years (as of spring 2016) now and have loyal clients who re-book with me many times (one has done over 20 workshops with me and many have done 5 or 10) My rebooking rate, I am proud to say, is over 85% and rising.
  • When breakfast is included, what does this mean? – Answer – Just that! I find a local cafe and you can choose what you like from the menu – from a slice of toast to the full english (and to be honest, most hungry photographers do go for the full english!)
  • Are there some secrets you don’t pass on? Answer – this always makes me smile. No. I do not keep secrets and teach my clients exactly how I work, both in camera and on the computer. Please don’t ask me sensitive commercial information or expect me to reveal my customers and so on, obviously, but in respects of photographic technique I hold nothing back.
  • If you have any questions at all, please feel free to drop me an email using the contact form on the right hand side of this page.

What can you expect from my photography workshops?

  • Friendly individual attention – I keep the groups small so everyone gets plenty of my time to help with their individual needs
  • No lectures. I don’t stand and give talks. The instruction is informal and mostly on a one-to-one basis with you during the day
  • Instruction pitched at your level. If you are a beginner I won’t baffle you with jargon and I will go at your pace. If you are more advanced I will work with you to lift your skills to the next level
  • You will have my full attention. I rarely use my own camera on workshops. If I do it is because it is to help with the instruction (although If the light does explode, I may beg to take a few shots of my own!)
  • Intimate knowledge of the location – I know the best locations and the best times to visit so your photography time will be maximised in the field.
  • Email support following the workshop – if you need advice, reminders or have further questions you are free to drop me a line and I will do all I can to help
  • Excellent value. My philosophy has always been to keep my prices as low as possible and to give you the best value experience I can. If you feel dissatisfied with the day and I can’t resolve your issue I will refund you in full with no quibble.

Don’t take my word for it, here is what some of my customers have said, and you can read many more testimonials from my customers HERE;

  • “Since I started doing “serious” photography about 7 or 8 years ago I’ve been on at least half-a-dozen workshops or courses. I gained more from this one day than I have from all the others put together.”
  • “Thanks once again for all your help and advice, it was an amazing day and worth every penny”
  • “Thank you first of all for an outstanding day, I thoroughly enjoyed it”
  • “I got some good results and found the day informative, enjoyable, humble and energetic.”
  • “Many thanks for the interesting and informative workshop. I certainly feel that it’s helped me in my quest to try and become a better photographer.”
  • “I cannot think of anything you could do to improve the course”
  • “I was impressed with the format and the preparation to which you had gone by providing out of season blooms for us to photograph.  Wonderful.”
  • “Doug’s passion for photography and art is very clear to see and to top it off he is a really nice bloke”
  • “Thanks again so much for the wonderful day at Spurn Point last week. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, I really felt that I learned so much and the day gave me a real boost of motivation to carry on with landscape photography. With the result I am very pleased, especially the ones you let me take using your gear :-)”
  • “It was wonderful as ever to be part of your joint workshop and I feel that I’m gradually progressing in the right direction with my photography”
  • “I had the most incredible day and wanted to take a few moments to thank both of you for another amazing set of images I have somehow managed to get inside my camera – your coaching skills are superb and yet again I feel I have developed even further in my quest to find my own ‘style’ – thank you”
  • “just wanted to say thankyou for this mornings workshop,I enjoyed it immensely, picked up some very useful tips, and bagged some nice shots…”
  • “Thanks for your advice which helped to point me in the right direction on many occasions and for providing us with your never ending enthusiasm to get us the best possible exposures”
Cloudscape - North Norfolk

Cloudscape – North Norfolk