Talks & Lectures

I have limited availability each year to give talks and lectures to clubs, societies and organisations on my work, creative thinking and alternative techniques in photography all illustrated with my images.

Having been a public speaker for over 35 years and with experience speaking to audiences from 10 to 30,000 (!) I aim to engage with your audience, stimulate their thinking and encourage them to take a look at their whole approach to creative thought. I do not give ‘where I went on my holidays’ talks, nor do I give talks based on purely technical and technique based subjects. I want people to consider moving beyond purely representational image making and to consider expressing a more abstract and artistic view of the world around them.

My fee for an evenings lecture at your location is £650. This includes my expenses if you are located within one hours travelling time from my home at Worksop, near Sheffield. Beyond this I charge £35 per hour for travelling time to cover my time and expenses, plus £85 a night towards a B&B if I need to stay over night. I prefer to stay in accommodation of my choice. Please note I am not available for talks on Thursday evenings or on Sundays (and rarely on Saturdays).

I understand my fee is high and I also understand that most clubs and societies are charities and have to control costs, thus putting my services out of your reach. However, to explain, my fee reflects, firstly, just how much I value my time at home with my family. My work necessitates that I spend a great deal of my life away from my wife and this is a great sacrifice for me. Also, once I accept a booking I do not like to cancel on clubs (as, I am told, some speakers do). So once I have an evening booked it, it effectively ‘locks’ that week for me and prevents me accepting a booking for a weeks work leading a photography tour and so I lose a lot of money as a result. Usually I am unable to work on the day of the talk and often, due to travel I can’t work the following day either and so I lose two days wages at my day rate – this, too means I am working at a loss to my business. The taxman takes his slice too, as he does from us all. But, it is still a lot of money to the vast majority of working people, I know, and so I fully understand why most clubs will not book me.

If you do decide to book me, I assure you I will try and give your audience the very best experience I possibly can and I will also be proactive in using my very wide social media reach to publicise the talk for you, especially if you wish to open your doors to other clubs and societies and wish to charge for entry to raise funds to help cover my fee. Just provide me with links to a web page etc and I will do the rest.

If you would like to discuss dates and the details of the evening, please contact me by email by CLICKING THIS LINK