Introduction to the Enlight App for iPhones & iPads pt.3

This instructional video deals in depth with the Mixer, Reshape and Tilt Shift menus in the Tools master menu in the App called ‘Enlight’ which is my main photo processing software on the iPhone/iPad. The video runs for about 28 minutes and has on screen animations and help to compliment my commentary. As always I try to go at a steady and understandable pace to provide an in-depth understanding of the App. This is the first video in a collection which covers the app in-depth. PLEASE NOTE – Enlight is ONLY AVAILABLE for the iPhone and iPad. The app will not run on Android based devices.

The Mixer menu covered in this video shows you how to make multiple exposure images using the app from images you have on your device.

This completes the main run through of the controls I use in the app. In the final videos I take an image from start to finish using an image and process it real time using a full range of the controls to demonstrate how I use the app in real life – both on the iPad and then on the much smaller screen of an iPhone (which I do most of my processing on).

This video is in high definition for clear viewing, hence the file size is large at about 1gb. Only purchase if you have a broadband connection to download (you do not stream the video from this site – download it to your computer first and play from there. It can also be transferred to your iPhone or iPad and watched there if you have enough space on your device).