Discount Value Bundle – Creating Multiple Exposures with PhotoSplit & Full Enlight App Video Set

This value bundle contains the full set of five videos on the Enlight app for iPhone and iPad which I use to process all my iPhone images and the video on how to use the PhotoSplit app for iPhone which I use to create my multiple exposure images on my iPhone at a saving of £8.95 over the full price.

The files are recorded in high definition, with lots of on screen help. I go at a steady pace so you can see clearly how the apps work. I also explain why I do what I do and explain my thought process, giving tips as to I have found works best for me.

Please note, both of these apps are ONLY available for the iOS operating system and will not run on Android based devices. PhotoSplit will run on iPads but only as an iPhone sized app. It is really designed to run primarily on iPhones. Enlight runs on both iPhones and iPads.

This is a large download totalling several gigabytes. Please make sure you have a good broadband connection to download these videos. Please download them to your device first and then play them. They are in MP4 format and so will play on all PC’s, Macs, Laptops, tablets and smartphones that will play MP4’s.

I hope you find these videos useful and as always, really appreciate your support.