Creating Multiple Exposure Images on the iPhone Using PhotoSplit App

In this instructional video I show you in detail how to use the app PhotoSplit to make multiple exposure images on your iPhone or iPad. The video is just under an hour long and I go at a steady pace and provide lots of on screen help to show you clearly how the app works. I also talk about my thought process and give tips on what works best for making effective multiple exposure photographs.

PLEASE NOTE; PhotoSplit is ONLY available for the iOS operating system so it ONLY works on iPhones and iPads. It is NOT available for Android devices. Please also note that it is principally designed for iPhones. It will run on iPads but only as an iPhone sized app – it will not run full screen on an iPad.

This instructional video file is just under 700mb in size so you will need a broadband connection to download it. It is in MP4 format so can be viewed on PC’s, Mac’s, Laptops, and most smart devices and smart phones.

This video is also available bundled at a discount with my instructional videos on the app ‘Enlight’ which I use to process the images I make in PhotoSplit, so you may prefer to purchase it as part of that bundle.

As always I thank you for your support, it is very much appreciated.