Why Might it Be



This project is a little different to most of my current work and has been ongoing for some years now. It is very personal to me, based on the woodland where I walk my dogs, Eddie & Lilly, with my wife, Beth almost every day (and where we used walk Stan). It is a restorative place we both love.

Why Might it Be?

And why might it be
That to wander free
In Whipmans Wood, should,
Allow me to feel
As if life were real
And as it could?
An illicit pleasure
To slip soundlessly inside
Shunning for a while
The staccato divide
And to be exorcised
In its jade gold, gilded rides
There to drink deep
And to drown the soul
Parched and pleading for console
Amongst foxglove and bramble rose
Breeze dancing
High on light and dappled oriole
The light a choral praise chanting
The a cappella acoustic rays slanting
Dappled timpani of untold sparkles chancing
Of rain drippled percussion on leaves and breeze glancing
While languid summer air, branches tease, entrancing
Now in the meadow beside 
The skylark replies
With her euphoric solo symphony
And the syncopating savannah sways
In rhythmic festival crowd epiphany
So for a while I forget who I am
For this least respite
And to confer here under creations canopy
To listen to the light
To take succour from her whispered right
Then reluctantly depart for the cacophony 

DSC July 2019